Learn How to Fix "Runtime Error 53 File Not Found" Easily

Published: 09th May 2011
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Have you frustrated to runtime error 53? Are you tired of searching the solution to fix runtime error 53? Computer errors generally plague us a lot. They have to be removed immediately before they can cause any further problems. It shows the message "runtime error 53 file not found"

This often happens when the application being run cannot find the necessary DLL or when the component is not in the same location as with the MTS component. Further, the error also occurs when, instead of the proper name, the DLL file is named as such: yourfile.dll. It's important for users to take note of this. In order to fix the problem, it's necessary to transfer the DLL file to this location: system32 folder found in drive C:\. To further understand the procedure, the following steps are provided.

Once you come across Runtime Error 53 File Not Found, the first thing you have to do is to remove the program that has caused the error. For removing the corrupted program, go to control panel and then click "Add/Remove Program". From the list, remove the program that was giving you the error message. Once the program has been removed, you can again install it but make sure that only the latest version is installed.

Make sure that you have installed anti-virus tools. This is needed as Viruses are known to break into the registry and corrupt the files, which can lead to freezing of the computer.

Registry cleaner
As runtime error 53 is caused by a conflict in software, it boils down to the registry integrity. The chain of processes to launch the program is hindered by missing files, inert files, or corrupted file names. Therefore, using a registry cleaner is free and offers a chance to restore your PC to optimal performance. A highly recommended registry scan is RegCure and it is specifically designed to constitute the industry's leading error scanning and repair technology. The easy-to-use interface makes the process of cleaning your registry both elegant and efficient. Certified to run on every Windows platform, RegCure can detect the programs causing runtime error 53 and remove detected registry errors automatically.

Use a good registry cleaner to rectify runtime error 53 and clean out junk data, redundant files, invalid shortcuts and outdated help files. Be good to your computer, and it will not fail you.

The professional registry repair software not only can fix runtime error 53, its comprehensive scan on your windows registry storage and real-time monitoring can also help you to get rid of all kinds of potential runtime errors for ever, so why not have a try.

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