How to repair runtime error 76 on your pc

Published: 04th May 2011
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Runtime Error 76 shows because most programs are created in several components with lots of small files making up each component. When a program is installed in the Windows platform, each component will be assigned a specific address and Windows then saves each file location. When a program is being accessed by a user, Windows will load all the required files by locating them first. If a certain file has been misplaced, either by the system or by the user, your system will default to showing a Runtime Error 76 message. It is also possible users will experience this when a common file is used by multiple programs and one of those programs were uninstalled and the common file has been deleted.

The Runtime Error 76 generally occurs when the OCX file is missing from the software application that the computer is trying to install. This error message does not flash with the installation rather it pops when user attempts to work with the application and uses its functions. Like many other runtime errors it occurs when a like in the sequence of processes that enables the program to execute is missing, corrupt or has been interrupted by some other processes. Not only that applications conflicts, virus attacks and sometimes corrupt registries are also capable of causing such problem.

You need to re-install the software in order to ensure the integrity of the software with all of the required files present. It will be better to use a fresh copy of the software by either downloading a new installation file or using a new installation disc. You can opt to update the software unless the update is the cause of the problem. You should refrain from updating until the manufacturer has corrected the issue.

If the error continues to pop out even after a successful re-installation, you can replace the missing file manually. The error message should contain which file is missing and its location. You should get a copy of the file from the installation disc or from other sources and place it in the right directory. This process will most likely eliminate the missing file error message. Repeat the process for all missing or corrupt files.

It is also known that one of the major causes of the Runtime 76 error is a damaged or corrupted registry. The registry is used by Windows to store pertinent information of files including settings and locations and is very important in accessing programs. A lot of errors come from an unreadable registry. Since the registry is highly significant, it is imperative that you repair errors that you find. But, it takes a lot of know-how to repair the registry manually for it might cause more harm when you accidentally change or delete something. Fortunately, there is a registry cleaner that will do the clean-up and repair for you.

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