How to fix it When Encountering Runtime Error 52

Published: 04th May 2011
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As being a Windows user you might have faced Run time Error 52 when you try to open any particular application. When run time errors take place on your system it degrades the system and your screen becomes blue or black. When you try to open Outlook, word, PowerPoint or other office application it also displays message of Run time error52: Bad file name or number.

This is down to the Visual Basics engine that Windows utilises to run many programs and some programs like Microsoft Word or any other multimedia application hinging on it to run optimally.

Another reason for this crash could be that the program was trying to follow a command line in the registry to load a system or driver file and unable to find it. This is called a malformed data pathway and this is usually found within the registry. Many of these runtime errors actually are caused, 75% of the time, by problems in the registry. You see, there are plenty of ways that your registry can be damaged, with one of the chief culprits being time. People who use computers over a long period of time do a lot of program installs and uninstalls as well as installing drivers and systems files for the whole host of applications that they will be utilising.

What happens within the registry is that every time this happens, a line of code is recorded within its matrix, which symbolises a sort of 'instructions' for Windows to follow. Over time, bad program uninstalls will leave blanks spaces in the registry, orphan data keys that don't belong and bad registry command lines - combining together to choke the system and cause a host of problems, from runtime errors and active X crashes. Let's not forget the damaging effects of Trojans, viruses and worms which when they enter the system, infiltrate the registry and write damaging code within it. This is also the same when it comes to things like adware and malware, programs written specifically to damage critical Windows components like the registry.

If you are unable to fix it you can use registry cleaner or you can use this efficient tool for this. Sometimes you get Run time Error 52 when you try to open any particular application. To fix Run time Error 52 follow the guide written above or for more detailed information visit

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